The Why Weekender™


One weekend. One Purpose. To find yours.

In just one weekend, we will teach you how to find your unique purpose.

Join us for an immersive, transformational experience, designed to guide you in discovering the path that only you were meant to walk. Through this tried & tested "Why" Discovery Intensive you will unveil your true calling in the equivalent of just two days.

Feeling stuck or lost motivation in your career?

Do you question if you're on the right path & worry you're wasting time?

Do you want to make a difference & to have led a life that mattered?

Do you feel guilty spending time away from loved ones on things you're not sure really matter?

Do you want to...

👉 swap self-doubt & confidence

👉 wake up clear on your purpose & raring to GO

👉 understand yourself at a very deep level

👉 start creating a life & career aligned with who you are at your natural best

➡️Hear from James⬅️as he shares his experience of finding his 'why'

Ready for the truth?

Understanding your unique purpose is the key to feeling both confident & motivated in your life & career, and it's only possible through a "why" discovery experience

(Believe me, I tried all the things, read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, did the deep reflection but nothing came close to the life changing experience of finding my "why")

The Why Weekender™ is for you if you want to...

rekindle your purpose, motivation & energy

deeply understand who you are and what makes you tick

articulate what makes you uniquely you


What Why Weekender™ Participants have shared

"It's liberating to get to know yourself again at a very deep level. It's probably one of the best investments I've ever made. It's been quite transformational both from a career point of view and also personal."

- Kathrin Peterssen

Senior Brand Manager at Reckitt

"It's genuinely been the best thing I've ever done. Within 6-months I was promoted and invited to join the board of my company. Chloe was born to help people reach their full potential."

- Louise Hughes

Chief Customer Officer at Bulbshare

"When was the last time you spent a good amount of time thinking about you? I now have a personal context against which to challenge myself, to stay focused on what matters for me"

- James Godfrey - Global Commercial Development Lead at Nestle

What You'll Experience Inside The Why Weekender™

Over the equivalent of JUST ONE WEEKEND, we'll support you to dive deep into the Purpose pillar of your unique Leadership Blueprint.


1. You'll find your WHY. Together we'll uncover the golden thread throughout your life & how your past experiences have shaped you.

You'll uncover & articulate
who you are at your natural best, what lights you up and your innate strengths.

You'll gain confidence and clarity in who you uniquely are as a leader & the difference you're here to make in the world.

What's included?

Why Discovery Weekend

You'll participate in 2x 3-hour virtual why discoveries (over the equivalent of one weekend). Not only will you find your own why (your unique purpose), you'll have the privilege of finding someone else' too, expertly guided through the whole process.

Course Workbooks & Support

You'll have access to over 20 content modules to set you up to not only find your own why but others too. Plus, support to embody your why well beyond the experience & workshops themselves.

Community Workshops

Discovering your why is just the start, the secret is to embed your why within your life. To support we hold 2x follow-up workshops to support you to uncover the unique ingredients of your why & elevate your Impact


The Schedule

Kick off Session

Tues 12th September - 8am - 9am BST

Discovery 1 + 2

Between 12th-27th September

(timing flexible)

Uncover Your How Office Hours

Wed 27th Sept - 8 - 9am BST (optional)

Elevate your Impact

Tues 10th October - 8 - 9am BST


Meet your Lead Coach, Chloe Temple

Founder of popp | Leadership Blueprint Strategist

Having spent 10+ years leading teams & business areas of >$500 million a year, I became frustrated by how much potential is wasted waiting for a job title or permission to step up into our innate leadership capability.

I built the Leadership Blueprint Academy to help those who want to become Leaders Who Last. Leaders who make an impact & leave the world a better place without burning out, quitting or giving up on realising their potential.

Our 3 Pillar Methodology of Purpose Design, Performance Architecture & Wellbeing Foundations helps high achievers to develop a deep understanding of their unique leadership blueprint, thus giving them the confidence to become the leaders they were born to be.

And if you're waiting for an invitation to lead, this is it.

The Investment

The Why Weekender™ Experience Only

Join us for a Weekend of finding and elevating your "why"

  • The Why Weekender Discovery Experience
  • 2x tickets to follow-up workshops
  • Access to The Why Weekender Course Portal
  • Exclusive Members Community
  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls with Chloe
  • Access to our signature Leader that Lasts™ Course Portal
  • Complimentary invite to The Why Weekender (if you join before 12th September)



1:1 Leader that Lasts Coaching with Chloe

Apply to upgrade to join Chloe on a 6-month 1:1 coaching journey to elevate your leadership impact

  • The Why Weekender Discovery Experience
  • 2x tickets to follow-up workshops
  • Access to The Why Weekender Course Portal
  • Exclusive Members Community
  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching Calls with Chloe
  • Access to our signature Leader that Lasts™ Course Portal
  • Complimentary invite to The Why Weekender (if you join before 12th September)



Student results

"One of the best decisions I have ever made. It guided me to discover a part of me that even I have completely forgotten and set the direction for the future.

It has been a truly great experience working with Chloe. I highly recommend Chloe to anyone who wants to understand their potential better and clarify the directions in their life.

- Damian
Senior Product Technologist at Coles

"I was blocked, with falling confidence, and difficulty in making decisions to move forward.

I’m so grateful for my POPP experience and how it enhanced my excitement and connection to my life and work. A year later and the difference a year has made is unbelievable, I'm performing well at work again, pursuing creative hobbies, have greater connection to my friends and family, am active and healthy and so much more hopeful about my future.

- Emma

Chief of Staff at Deloitte

"The results were revelatory and I put them to good use from the very next day.

I suddenly better understand what drives me (my Why) and the actions and values that help me get there (my How) & put this to use from the very next day. I recommend to anyone exploring what motivates and fulfils them in life - whether at work or life in general!"

— Marcus
Senior Category Manager at Zooplus


You mention partners. Does it have to be done in partners?

Yes! We can't see our why for ourselves, therefore, partnering is essential. Your partner will support you in finding the golden thread throughout your life. Want to hear one of our past participants share their thoughts on that. Watch this.

But what if I find my partner isn't very good?

Our commitment to you is to teach you to find your why. Therefore we will do absolutely everything we can to make sure both you and your partner are fully set up for success, sharing all the hints, tips and guidance you need to be fantastic discovery partners. If, for whatever reason, after your discovery, you don't feel you've nailed it, the coaching team will support you to get over the finish line. We've got you.

It's a "weekender". What if I'm busy or can't do weekends?

No problem, the programme is designed to be flexible within the period of a couple of weeks (between 12th-27th September). You and your why discovery partner simply need to find the equivalent of 6 hours across 2x 3-hour sessions within these dates to complete your discoveries according to your availability & schedule. We recommend a weekend, but evenings are perfect if that works best.

What if I can't make all the live sessions?

Absolutely no problem. All the workshops will be recorded. The only component where you need to attend live is the 2x discoveries as this involves partner work.

Will there be a recording available after the Workshops?

Yes, recordings will be available for the workshops except for the discoveries. Participants will receive a link to watch the payback within 24 hours after each workshop. These will be stored on the portal along with all the other resources to support you.

Do I need to prepare anything before the discoveries?

As soon as you register, you'll have access to The Why Weekender portal, which gives all the details on how to prepare for your discovery experience. There's about an hour of pre-work to be done (and I promise you you'll enjoy it). We'll also be hosting an introductory kick-off session on 12th September, which we highly recommend you join.

Still not sure if it's right for you?

Shoot us a message, and let's have a chat. You can find Chloe on LinkedIn here, Instagram here or simply email me at

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born & the day you find out why"

- Mark Twain

"Fantastic process & great facilitation!

I encourage everyone to take time to understand their why and what drives them."

- Jono Reid
Category Marketing Manager

"The steps make what seems like a lofty, impossible task so simple to achieve."

The time investment was so worthwhile, and I truly believe this discovery will guide me in many facets of my life moving forward!

- Lucy Otley
Category Marketing Manager

"The process builds connections to others and self and really digs deep into your soul to find your authentic self.

It's amazing and Chloe is full of heart and caring which is needed when reaching into yourself ."

- Claire Johnston
HCP Marketing Manager

Join Us LIVE for The Why Weekender™ & for early bird price of £795 & in the matter of hours, UNCOVER YOUR PURPOSE